If you are considering the use of a professionally ranked SEO company such as SCI Interactive marketing services to optimize your website for the search engines, our SEO service FAQs India are sure to provide many answers to your questions.

Please write to us if you have a question about SCI Interactive FAQs India that is not answered here and we will include it along with its answer in our next update.

1. What is the best position to occupy on search engines?

# 1 is the best position; keywords will have to work its way up steadily towards it. Some 42% searchers choose the first organic listing as compared to about 12% selecting number two. The traffic for # 1 is about four times that of #2 and 10 times the traffic of #5 ranking. The higher you rank on the results the more traffic you experience. There are several ways to achieve this position.

2. How long will it take for SEO efforts to take effect?

With SCI Interactive you will see visible improvements in 30-45 days and firm positioning in three months; Our SEO service in India generally takes about six months for keywords to stabilize and achieve its best position in around 12 months. Competitiveness of keywords in the online space is the main component for achieving rankings.

3. Do you guarantee top ranks in any engine?

Google is undoubtedly the preferred search engine with nearly 80% of the market share and the ideal position is the first page to attract 90% of all the traffic. We guarantee an increase in your rankings and an increase in your organic traffic. You will receive monthly rankings report in which you can verify this. Various strategies are put in place to achieve top rankings for more competitive keywords. Additionally when closely guarded secret search engine algorithms change rules - as it happens from time to time, understanding and working around the new rules might delay results.

4. Is SEO the only source of traffic to a website?

Far from it, search engine results are only one part of a large and complex equation. There are numerous other ways to drive traffic to a website, many of them free, some paid, some highly effective and others not so effective. At SCI Interactive, our SEO consultant will work with you one-on-one. We will prepare a list of recommendations after a thorough analysis of the website is undertaken. This will combine a mix of search engine positioning and strategies to generate traffic to the website to match your niche and industry profile.

5. Can we learn and perform our own SEO?

SEO involves skilled practitioners with several years of experience. An entire team of programmers, writers and marketing personnel gets to work on each assignment. Considering this is a process that takes at least a year to accomplish; leaving it to professionals who make a living from SEO will be the right decision.

6. How do search engines look at SEO practitioners?

Google provides a number of SEO tools and offers good advice. SEO providers work with Google actively and purchase PPC ads for clients. Performing SEO on a website for prominence in rankings is a legitimate method of marketing.

7. To what extent does SCI Interactive guarantee its SEO results?

Search engine optimization is like modern medicine even the doctors don't guarantee treatment outcomes. Search engine result positions also known as SERPs are determined by scientific algorithms that are closely guarded by search engine companies like the Coke formula. Hence we cannot provide you with an iron clad guarantee with regard to the time it will take your website to appear on the front page of SERPs. However, having put the disclaimer behind us, we can certainly assure you that your website will appear on top positions on the search engines sooner than you think once our SEO experts begin work on your website. Three to six months is a fair assessment if all goes well and the search engines do not modify their algorithms suddenly as they are known to do frequently.

8. Are search engine results the only way qualified traffic can be generated on my web site?

Far from it. Search engine results, as these SEO FAQs will explain, are only one part of a very large and complex equation. There are hundreds of other ways to drive traffic to your website, some free, some paid, some highly effective and others not so highly effective. At SCI Interactive, our SEO consultant will work with you one-on-one. He or she will make precise and specific recommendations once a thorough analysis of your website is conducted. This will include a mix of search engine positioning and a set of strategies to generate traffic to your website that match your niche and industry profile. Call or write for a no obligation and complimentary consulting session.

9. How important is content to SEO?

Content is perhaps the most critical component of search engine optimization today. In fact, Google has made this clear in no uncertain terms in many of its official blogs and press releases. We can even quote chapter and verse on this one. Like SEO FAQs are about search engine optimization or SEO, your website is an FAQ about your company and this can be communicated effectively only through highly engaging, original and concise content which we are committed to providing you. They all say that Content is King. We go a step further and say that Good Content is a Monarch!

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